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on the third island on the volcano sumit you can find metal ore.

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Q: In sims castaway for ps2 were can you find metal ore?
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Where can you find metal ore in sims 2 castaway?

at the top of the volcano on the 3rd island

Why can't you find metal ore on volcano on sims 2 castaway?

you can go to volcano summit and there all over there you can go to volcano summit and there all over there

In sims castaway for ps2 how do you collect the metal ore?

I think that it is either on Dark Cave, on the second island, or Volcano Peak, on the third island.

In Sims Castaway for the Nintendo Wii where can you find metal ore?

Volcano Summit. You need to have a stone chisel, and it's just like the clay, and fine sand it will keep collecting until your sim gets to tired or it starts raining.

How can you invite a sim in Sims castaway stories story mode for PC?

just call a sim you know an invite him/her (it can also be done with a party and invite only 1 sim ore more Re: I dont think there are phones on Sims Castaway Life Stories, unlike the conch in normal Sims Castaway, so either you need a conch, which I dont think you can get in Sims Castaway life stories, or they just have to wonder onto your lot.

Where can you find metal ore on sims2 castaway?

You need the right tool but you can find it in the dark cave on airplane island (second island) and at Volcano Submit on Volcano Island (third island).

Where you can get softwood in sims 2 castaway?

you have to make a shell should have the plans because i got them on the first harvest hardwood,you need to make a stone'll get the plans later.and to harvest sandalwood,you need to make a metal need metal ore for this axe, and the metal ore is on the top of the volcano.P.S,once you harvest sandalwood,you will get bungalow plans

In Sims 2-Castaway PS2 how do you get to the volcano?

You should go to the second island and build a canoe at the ancient piers. Then you go to the third island and walk arouind to find the volcano overlook and climb up. Make sure you have full food. At the top you can harvest clay and obsidian and metal ore if you have the right tools.

How do you build the mansion bungalow on sims 2 castaway?

to start with you need mechanical level. 10 and creativity. 6. you need sandalwood-106, hardwood-106, metal ore-12, glass-20 & clay-187 plus a hammer ( including craft desk) by michaela

How can you get metal ore on Sim's 2 castaway?

u have to have volcano island unlocked. then go to the top of the volcano and itz all over the top of the volcano

What ore could produce a metal that you might find in a radio?


How much metal could you extract from 1000g of on ore containing 1 percent metal?

The answer to this question is a simple math equation. If 1000g of ore can yield 1% metal from quantity all that needs to be done is divide 1,000 by 100 to find the answer. 10g of pure metal can be extracted from 1000g of ore.