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under the couch upstairs in Gary the gadget guys room

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Q: In club penguin on mission 3 where's the paper clip?
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How do you shut down the giant magnet on club penguin mission 3?

By putting the paper clip

On club penguin mission 3 where is the paper clip?

Under the couch in the Staff room in the gift shop

What do you do at the top of the roof in club penguin?

If You Mean The Epf Mission You Open The Magnet With Your Wrench Then Put The Paper Clip In The Magnet Box

What do you use with the paper clip on club penguin?

On mission 3 go on the roof and use the paper clip to deactivate the electromagnet. The key to the roof is in G's desk in a drawer. Use your code to find the right key.

What do you do on the roof in the mission on club penguin?

when you get to the roff top you click on the wrench in your tools and unscrew then you click on the box and put the paper clip on it hope it woks Nicole

How do you destroy the electro magnet in club penguin?

Get the paper clip from under the couch in G's office , and then unscwew the power box and stick the paper clip inside.

How do you beat the magnet on club penguin in the mission 2?

You find a paper clip in the sports shop under the couch first then you go to the magnet use your rench in your spy phone open the box beside the magnet and throw the paper clip in. This makes the box blow up and the magnet dies.

What do you use to destroy the circuits on club penguin?

the circits on the magnet? If so, the paper clip.

How do you do the missing coins mission?

get the disk and paper clip form under the sofa

How do you finish the Mysterious Tremors mission on Club Penguin?

Use the link below to view a clip and get assistance.

How do you beat the powa box on club penguin?

When in G's office, look underneath his couch and take the paper clip and the drive for the computer. Throw the paper clip into the powa box and it will break.

How do you disemble powa box on club penguin?

You need to get the paper clip under the orange couch where you got the boot disk. Then, click on the powa box. Drag the paper clip on the powa box.