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when you get to the roff top you click on the wrench in your tools and unscrew then you click on the box and put the paper clip on it hope it woks Nicole

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Q: What do you do on the roof in the mission on club penguin?
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Where do you get the paper in club penguin mission 9?

From the penguin waiting in line and the dance club roof.

How do you get the key to the roof on club penguin mission 3?

G will give you

What do you do when you get the fur from the roof club penguin?

disable the giant magnet in mission 3

How t do you fix the mine roof in the mission on club penguin?

u dont

How do you get to the roof on mission eleven on club penguin?

Ask Gary for it then click the key to the left.

Where is the key for the door to the roof for the mission the case of the missing coins in club penguin?

In G's droor

How do you get the coins off the ceiling in club penguin mission?

Dismantle the giant magnet on the roof of the building.

Is their a secret mission in Club Penguin?

Yes there is a secret mission on Club Penguin.

Were is the fur on mission 3 club penguin?

It's on the roof of the gift shop, go to the HQ and talk to G and he will give you the key to the roof then its on the sewer drain on the roof! ☺

Where is the key for roof top in mission club penguin?

Go to G in Mission 3, talk to G and click the drawer. Get the gold key one.

Where is blue penguin team in club penguin mission?

in the mission

How do you beat mission 107 on club penguin?

I am sorry, there is no 107th mission on club penguin yet.