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Nothing, you just can't catch him.

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Q: In Pokemon pearl what happens if you kill heatran?
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Does heatran reappear in Pokemon Diamond?

not if you kill it

What happens if you kill misperit in Pokemon Pearl and saved the game?

u suck start over

How do you beat heatran on Pokemon pearl without a masterball?

Either kill it or keep throwing random balls. That's what I did it ended up being caught with an ultra ball after about 29 throws haha.

How do you get solrock in Pokemon pearl?

kill him

In Pokemon diamond Where is the 2nd Heatran if the 1st one faints?

If the first Heatran faints there is no second one. The trick is to save the game before you battle Heatran so if you kill it or if it kills you, just turn it off then back on.

Where are all three heatrans in Pokemon pearl?

There is only one heatran in every Pokemon diamond/pearl game. It is found at stark mountain right at the top. You must find this guy (cant remember name) and go with him. Then he takes this orb thingy, and you go back get it. When you go to where the orb was....... Bang you fight heatran (Save before entering it. so if need be you can restart eg.if you kill him). Good Luck: Comes at level 70 attacks are pretty weak.

How can you get Quick experience in Pokemon pearl?

kill things.duhh

How do you beat bronzong on Pokemon Pearl?

Simply kill it by using a fire pokemon.

On Pokemon pearl if you kill azelf does he come back to life?

NO it doesn't

How do you kill someone on Pokemon Pearl?

u need a dark Pokemon that's says u will never win

How do you get heatren back to stark mountain if you kill him in pearl?

you can't unless you saved in front of heatran before you killed him. (you could always just go to a less recent save area)

What Pokemon will beat the elite four in Pokemon pearl?

If you can get a garchomp from level 85-100 with some potions you can kill all of them