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No it will not come back because it's a legendary Pokemon and there's only one of them

Actually it does come back. You have to wait a week and he will be there again to battle you.


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Q: If you kill heatran in Pokemon platinum will it come back?
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How do you catch a heatran on Pokemon platinum?

You go to stark mountain. face everyone. leave, wait a while, then come back and he will be there!

What do you do if heatren in Pokemon platinum is gone and doesn't come back to the cave it's in?

well wait until the next day but if you defeated Heatran it is gone forever.

How come in Pokemon diamond pearl and platinum heatran is male?

heatran isn't a always a male mines a female its just that heatrans are usually guys

Where and how do you get heatran in Pokemon platinum?

well.... you get heatran in stark mountain which is close to resort area u go in there and beat team galactic then u come out then u haft to go back in to get the magma stone in doing that you wake up heatran and then u battle him hope you get him

Does Rotom come back if you make him faint on Pokemon platinum?


How do you catch heatran Pokemon paltinum?

after you beat team sky or watever u can go back to iron island where they were arrested and heatran will be there.dusk balls also come in handy to.

What code is their to get any Pokemon at the mining musuem in Pokemon Platinum?

you get a fossil on make it come back to live

Dose heatran come back after you beat him?

Actually, YES! Heatran is the only legendary which comes back after one week.

What do you do after you defeat polkia and Dialga on Pokemon platinum?

They Will come back after a week, so you should have caught them

When will Pokemon Platinum come out?

Pokemon platinum comes out in the US on March 22, 2009

Can you catch heatran if you already beat him?

no you can not. he will never come back.

Do legenderies reform on Pokemon platinum?

no they can not come back the best way for you to get thm is to save before vs them