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Well at that stage of the game your pokemon will be level 35-45 max, so normally it's impossible. He's a wild pokemon, so even though the creator never intended for it, you could capture him, try putting him to sleep, and make sure you have a LOT of hyper potions and ultra balls. Apparently you can get a master ball by this point in the game, but I don't know. As far as I know the game will continue even if you get knocked out by him Well I defeted it easily :D.I had a 45 lvl swellow with endeavor and quick attack.It survived with 3 hp from hydro pump and I quick attacked and defeated it.Hope this helps!

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Q: In Pokemon destiny ruby rieng of legends how can you defeat lvl 99 Dark Lugia?
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What is Pokemon legends?

Pokemon legends are about legends about rare and powerful Pokemon they say that whoever gets dialga and palkia and ho-ho lugia is unstoppable.

How do you defeat Lugia in SoulSilver?

You get a Pokemon that's effective against Phychic or Flying. Personally, I wouldn't defeat Lugia...

What Pokemon legends can you get?

you can get lugia,palkia,dialga,zekrom and reshiam

What do you do after you defeat Lugia on pokemon heartgold?

if u defeat lugia, defeat the elite 4 and champion and go back 2 the whirl islands

Where is Lugia in Pokemon sapphire?

defeat the elite 4

How do you get lugia to join your team in Pokemon explorers of sky?

defeat him 2

What legends can you catch in pokemon soulsilver?

ho-oh, lugia, suicune, entei, raikou

Do you have to defeat the elite 4 before you get lugia in Pokemon heartgold game?


What do you need to do or get Pokemon Lugia in HeartGold?

deafeat gyms, catch,defeat,or run from ho-oh and defeat the whirl islands

Are there lots of lugia's and one Ho-oh?

no only one because legends are only one Pokemon.

Is baby Lugia real?

Not in legal databases. If anyone else has more details, feel free to add. I dont know about Diamond and Pearl, but in the hacked ROM Pokemon Ruby Destiny: Reign of Legends it is an important part of the story and your party

What is the best team of Pokemon and what level should they be to defeat the last gym leader in Pokemon Heart Gold?

lugia, latios, and umbreon