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You get a Pokemon that's effective against Phychic or Flying.

Personally, I wouldn't defeat Lugia...

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Q: How do you defeat Lugia in SoulSilver?
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Can you get a Lugia egg in SoulSilver?

Ditto and Lugia do not breed. I tried it.

Where is Lugia the Kimono girl in SoulSilver?

Lugia is located in the whirl islands

Can you get both Lugia and Ho-oh in either heartgold or SoulSilver?

No. Lugia for SoulSilver and Ho-oh for HeartGold. Yes, you just get them at different times. You get Ho-oh in Johto and Lugia in Kanto in HeartGold, and vise versa in SoulSilver.

How do you get to Lugia on SoulSilver?

On whirl island

Can you get both hooh and Lugia in Pokemon SoulSilver?

yes you can. but if you have Pokemon soulsilver, the first encounter will be a lugia and vice versa for ho-oh.

Can you walk baside Lugia on Pokemon SoulSilver?

If you mean Lugia following you, yes, it can.

Where do you find shadow Lugia on soulsilver?

Shadow Lugia is only available in XD.

Were is Lugia in Pokemon SoulSilver?

Whirl Islands!

Can you catch lugia on pokemon soulsilver?


What level is Lugia in SoulSilver?

LV 45

What is in foam island on Pokemon SoulSilver?


How do you capture Lugia in soulsilver?

get the silver wing