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Once you defeat Lugia at the waterfall in the Whirl Islands, Lugia can no longer be obtained. Lugia does not appear anywhere else - only in that one place.

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Q: Where is Lugia after you kill it after the waterfall?
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Which Pokemon can learn waterfall in soul silver?

lugia and fregulater and charmander

What do you do at the waterfall in Pokemon SoulSilver to get Lugia?

nothing,you just keep going down to the last cave,go inside talk to the middle kemono girl,they do a weird dance,lugia will come through the waterfall

How do you get Lugia to come out of the waterfall in Pokemon Soul Silver?

you get a silver wing from a man in kanto.

Can you battle shadow Lugia Again if you kill it?

if you kill Lugia in Pokemon soulsilver you can re-match him after you beat the elite four.

What cave do you go to to get lugia?

Whirl Islands, you'll need HM Whirlpool and HM Surf to get there,

OPINION what are some cool water type Pokemon or Pokemon that can learn waterfall that can learn fly?

Lugia and articuno

How do you get Lugia to appear at the waterfall in Pokemon SoulSilver?

In order to get Lugia to appear at the waterfall in the Whirl Islands in Pokémon SoulSilver, you first have to beat all 8 of the Johto Gym Leaders and receive the Master Ball from Professor Elm. Next head to the Dance Theater in Ecruteak City and the 5 Kimono Girls will challenge you to a battle. After defeating all 5 of them they'll give you a Tidal Bell and run off. Now you can head to the Whirl Islands in order to summon Lugia at the waterfall in the Whirl Islands.In order to get Lugia to appear in Soul Silver, you first need two items. You need to have the silver wing and the silver bell. Once you have those, go to the Whirl Islands and find your way to the waterfall. Once there, a cut-scene will appear and after the cut-scene, (you also need surf) you surf on the water in front of the waterfall and talk to Lugia. Then the battle will start giving you the opportunity to catch it.

How do you get luigia in Pokemon SoulSilver?

u need to go to the cave and enter the waterfall and then you will battle lugia (also know as the sercet room)

Where in soul silver do you find the hidden waterfall to lugia?

You can find the HM for waterfall in Pokemon Soulsilver by first defeating the 7th gym leader in Johto. Go to Ice Cave and along the way you will find a man who has lost the HM. Find it and he will give you the HM for waterfall. Hope this helps!

How do you go through the waterfall on route 27 in Pokemon soul silver?

Which waterfall? If it's the one in Tohjo Falls, you have to obtain all gym badges, teach a Pokemon Waterfall, and climb up the waterfall into Kanto. If it's Lugia's chamber, then there is nothing else after you catch Lugia.

Can you still get lugia if you kill one Pokemon in Pokemon XD?


What do you do if you kill lugia in soul silver and save the game?

you're screwed