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nothing,you just keep going down to the last cave,go inside talk to the middle kemono girl,they do a weird dance,lugia will come through the waterfall

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Q: What do you do at the waterfall in Pokemon SoulSilver to get Lugia?
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How do you get luigia in Pokemon SoulSilver?

u need to go to the cave and enter the waterfall and then you will battle lugia (also know as the sercet room)

Can you get both hooh and Lugia in Pokemon SoulSilver?

yes you can. but if you have Pokemon soulsilver, the first encounter will be a lugia and vice versa for ho-oh.

Were is Lugia in Pokemon SoulSilver?

Whirl Islands!

Can you catch lugia on pokemon soulsilver?


What is in foam island on Pokemon SoulSilver?


What legendary Pokemon do battle soulsilver?


Can you walk baside Lugia on Pokemon SoulSilver?

If you mean Lugia following you, yes, it can.

In Pokemon diamond from where you bring lugia?

A person that has SoulSilver

Is there a silvin Pokemon SoulSilver?

Lugia is the only one.

What legendary Pokemon is in the whirl islands in soulsilver?


Where do you get Lugia in Pokemon Pearl?

You cant! u can only trade on pokemon soulsilver

What level is luigia on Pokemon SoulSilver?

lugia is level 45.