What Pokemon legends can you get?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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you can get lugia,palkia,dialga,zekrom and reshiam

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Q: What Pokemon legends can you get?
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What is Pokemon legends?

Pokemon legends are about legends about rare and powerful Pokemon they say that whoever gets dialga and palkia and ho-ho lugia is unstoppable.

How do you get legendieries in Pokemon indigo?

in the legends cave in the legends cave

Pokemon what is the best 10 Pokemon?

All the legends bro :d

What legends Pokemon can you get in Pokemon ruby?

Groudon Latios latias and rayquaza

How do you catch legends in Pokemon lake?

with a pokeball...

Are all legends in Pokemon ss?

Im' sure there is all legends even ho-oh

How do you get legends on Pokemon lake?

you need to surf to the cavern

Who are the legends on Pokemon Black and White?

Reshiram and Zekrom

How does every Pokemon evolve?

Every Pokemon does not evolve. The legends, and unowns don't evolve. Only 90% of the Pokemon evolve.

How do you start Pokemon platinum version with legends?

its done by cheating

What are all Pokemon legends listed?

ho- oh rock

How do you get all three legends in Pokemon emerald?

the thing is you cant