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Yes, if you faint Lugia in "Pokémon HeartGold" and "Pokémon SoulSilver" then you will get another chance to capture it. Once you faint it, you have to go beat the Elite 4 and the Champion before it'll regenerate.

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Q: If you kill Lugia do you still get it?
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Can you still get lugia if you kill one Pokemon in Pokemon XD?


Do you need Lugia or can i kill him in soul silver?

Well, the game does not require you to catch Lugia, if you kill it you can still continue the game without it. However since it is a legendary, I think you should catch it. But you can do whatever you want, I'm just making a suggestion.

Can you battle shadow Lugia Again if you kill it?

if you kill Lugia in Pokemon soulsilver you can re-match him after you beat the elite four.

Where is Lugia after you kill it after the waterfall?

Once you defeat Lugia at the waterfall in the Whirl Islands, Lugia can no longer be obtained. Lugia does not appear anywhere else - only in that one place.

What do you do if you kill lugia in soul silver and save the game?

you're screwed

In Pokemon heartgold what happens if you kill lugia?

it wil never come back...

What Pokemon can kill arceus?


Is it wrong to have both Lugia and Ho-oh in the same team?

no it's still possible I had a Ho-Oh and Lugia on my team before

How do you get shadow lugia in Pokemon omega ruby?

Shadow lugia is unobtainable in any game excluding Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness unless hacking is used

Who would win in a fight hoho or Lugia?

Assuming you mean Ho-oh or Lugia, Lugia would win because he's a Psychic type and could control Ho-oh. And if you mean Hoho junk food, Lugia would still win.

If you lose to Lugia is it still there?

No, once you lose to lugia or any legendary for thet matter, you cannot find them again (except for the legendary dogs).

Have you have been in circles trying to find Lugia went too whirl watevers and still no passage?

lugia is in the whirl island on the top right cave