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you can find lugia in on whirl island in the caves, after you received a silver wing from a man in pewter city. (still can`t find lugia? you can find a guide video on YouTube.)


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Q: Where do you find Lugia in Pokemon Crystal?
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What level is Lugia in Pokemon crystal?

You will find lugia at level 60 i believe.

Where do you find Lugia on pokemon crystal?

you can get lugia in the wirl islands after you get the silver wing

Where do you get dark lugia?

You can't get Dark Lugia in Pokemon Silver, Gold, or Crystal. You can get Dark Lugia in Pokemon XD though. For Pokemon Silver, Gold, and Crystal it is just the regular Lugia.

Where can you find Lugia in Pokemon Emerald?

Lugia isn't available in Pokemon Emerald, it is available in other versions such as Soul Silver, Gold, Silver, Crystal, FireRed and LeafGreen.

What are the rarest Pokemon in crystal version?

lugia and ho_oh

What is the strongest Pokemon in Crystal?

Ho-oh or Lugia is the strongest Pokemon in Crystal. Tyranitar would be third strongest.

On crystal version what legendary Pokemon is in the whirl islands?


What is the best Pokemon you can catch in johto on Pokemon Crystal?

That would be... Ho oh or lugia

What legendary Pokemon do you get in Pokemon Crystal?

You can get lugia, ho oh, entei, suicune and raikou

What lengendarys are in Pokemon Crystal?

Lugia Ho-oH Riakou Suicune Entei

How do you find Lugia in Pokemon Platinum?

You cannot find Lugia in Pokémon Platinum.

Where can you find Lugia in pokemon ruby version?

You can find lugia in navel rock