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Yes, you get it back righr after the battle.

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Q: If a Pokemon uses knock off against your Pokemon and you lose your item is there anyway to get it back?
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What happens in Pokemon Diamond if you knock out Azelf?

If you knock out Azelf in Pokemon Diamond, Azelf will be gone forever (unless you have saved before battling Azelf and shut off the game and turn it back on to try again).

In Pokemon you killed azlef do you get another chance to catch it?

sadly, once you knock it out, it doesnt come back

How can you get a quick claw back in Pokemon diamond if you have accidentally tossed or sold it is there anyway of retrieving it?

sorry but if you have tossed/sold it you can't get it back.

What is the first gym type in Pokemon white?

He changes so he always has super-effectiveness against your starter Pokemon. In the back of the Dreamyard you can get a Pokemon that is super effective against him.(boo-yaa!) I got Panpour as my back-of-the-Dreamyard Pokemon. Can you guess my starter? see down for answer. I got Snivy.

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How do you catch Rayquaza if you kill it?

You Can. When you knock out a Pokemon, the Pokemon has fainted and cannot be captured Until you re beat the pokemon league. In the case of one time showing Pokemon (legendaries just like Rayquaza), if you knock it out, you can capture it without restarting the game and going all the way back to the point to capture it. I personally always save the game before I ever battle a legendary Pokemon, and if i successfully capture the Pokemon, i save the game right after i get it to avoid an accidental loss of data.

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A rugby player can deliberately knock the ball back, but he/she cannot deliberately knock it forward.

What do you do if you accidentally knock out Lugia in Pokemon SoulSilver?

You are out of luck. What you can do is that if you turn off your system and turn it back on, it will take you to where you last saved. From there you can work your way back to Lugia. When you do, make sure to save right before you battle Lugia.

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