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knock ur back

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Q: What should you do for coughing?
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Should you try to relieve chokng if an infant is coughing loudly?


What caused of coughing?

The question is not worded so that it can be answered. "Of" is not a word that should be used in this sense. Do you mean "What is the cause of coughing?" or "What is caused by coughing?" Please re-ask your question and phrase it in standard English so that it can be answered.

What should be done if a baby is coughing persistently?

go to the doctor immediatley.

What should you do for coughing and cold?

Rest, sleep. The body will cure itself

Is coughing a symtom of asthma?

Yes it is. You should see a doctor for asthma.

What is a sentence for coughing?

he was coughing from an hour. coughing can result in TB.

Should you go see a doctor when you were just lying down and watching TV when you go a nose bleed and started coughing up blood?

Coughing Blood = YES

What does uncontrollable coughing mean?

uncontrollable coughing means the you keep coughing and you can not controle that.

Should you see a doctor since you mixed vinegar and vinegar and still coughing?

yes you should just in case

Should I see a doctor from coughing up phlegm with what looks like blood?

Yes. You should see a doctor.

What is the correct spelling of coughing?


What should you do if your dog is coughing up white stuff and chokes a lot?

Take him to the vet