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how does water affect light path

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Q: How water affects the path of light?
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Is the path of light in water straight?

Yes. But the path of light across the water/air boundary is not.

The path of a light ray from glass into water?

Depends on the angle the light ray hits the water.

What is the change of path of a light ray from glass into water?

Index of retraction

What is a force that most affects the path of a planet around the Sun?

A force that most affects the path of a planet around the Sun is gravity.

The bending of the path of a light beam as it passes from air to water is called?


How can a hurricane affect communities in its path?

It affects it because it destroys everything in its path.

What path does light take?

light takes a straight path.

Can you change the path of light?

use a mirror to change the path of light.

What effect if any does water have on light?

water refracts or bends light and that alters the path that the light is taking. It also can act as a prisom and break it up. This is why rainbows are usually present after a rain storm. The water particles left in the air bend the light.

What do you spray to msee laser light?

Spray water at the path of the laser and it should reveal the ray.

Why light do not chang path by striking perpendicular on water surface?

The light hits the water at the same time and therefore the light can't bend. Where as if the light hit at a different angle then it would another hit the water at the same te and therefore it would bend.

What happens when light bends and travels through water?

The speed of light though substances is slower than the speed of light in a vacuum. As the light passes from air to water it slows and the ray's path is translated towards the normal to the air/water interface slightly.