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Once beating whitney, you get the watering can, water it XD

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Q: How can Pokemon HeartGold how can you get past sudowoodo who is blokking the path?
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How do you get past sudowoodo in pokemon heartgold?

You spray it with water from the flower shop in Goldenrod. The shop is the street above the medical center and then you go right.

How do you get past the 9 Pokemon gym in Pokemon HeartGold?

there is no 9th gym

In Pokemon silver how do you get past the wiggly tree?

you get the squirtbottle at the flower shop and water the tree(which is Sudowoodo)

How do you get past the burned tower in Pokemon HeartGold?

you scare away the legendary pokemon and then leave

How do you get past the moving tree in Pokemon Silver?

you must water it using either the squirtle bottle, or the water pail, then it will reveal it'self to be a pokemon!sudowoodo

How do you get past sodowodo in Pokemon HeartGold?

You obtain sudowoodo on route 36. You have to beat Whitney the normal gym leader in goldenrod. After go to the nearby flower shop and obtain the squirt bottle. Spray it on sudowoodo and he comes awake, then you can catch him. Id recommend paralyzing or putting him to sleep to catch him.

How do you get past sudowoodo in Pokemon Soul Silver?

You need to beat the gym in goldenrod then go to the flower shop right next to it.

How do you past the funky tree in the battle zone in Pokemon emerald?

you need to use the wailmer pail on it. it will not like that and it will then attack you. it is the Pokemon Sudowoodo. which means you can also catch it.

How do you past the Ice Path in Pokemon HeartGold?

Get to the end of it and talk to the Chinese woman.

How do you get the rare pikachu in the ilex forest in Pokemon HeartGold?

It is a wifi event and has past.

How do you get past the man at battle frontier gate Pokemon heartgold?

In Pokemon platinum you must find all the Pokemon in your game to be aloud past so it should be the same in your game

How do you get past the guy in mahogany town on Pokemon heartgold?

You have to beat tesmrocket in goldenrod city