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Use your watering can on it. The shaking tree won't like it and it will be a Sudowoodo try and catch it then you will be able to get into Smeargle Cave.

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Q: How do you get past the shaking tree in Pokemon emerald?
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How can you tell if theres a Pokemon on a tree with honey?

The tree will be shaking

How do you if there is a rare Pokemon on a honey tree?

A rare Pokemon is on a honey tree when you see the tree shaking. (the more it shakes the rare the Pokemon )

How do you past the funky tree in the battle zone in Pokemon emerald?

you need to use the wailmer pail on it. it will not like that and it will then attack you. it is the Pokemon Sudowoodo. which means you can also catch it.

How do you get past the tree boxes in firered?

that's emerald

How do you move the tree to get past in battle frontier on Pokemon emerald?

You need a wailmer pail which you get on route 104 inside a flower shop. Talk to one of the girls then walk up to the tree and click on it

What do you do after you have put honey on a tree in Pokemon pearl?

Wait a couple of game hours until the tree starts shaking check it with A to make a Pokemon appear.

How do you you get a ampom in pokemon pearl?

Aipom is a pokemon occasionally found after checking a honey tree (yellow). You will need to have used honey on that tree. After a period of time (a few hours), if the tree is shaking, there is a pokemon there. The pokemon you find from honey trees can vary.

What is 180 Pokemon in shadows of Almia?

It's Ninjask; found by shaking the tree on Chroma Road.

How long do you wait for a honey tree to get Pokemon 046 in Pokemon Diamond?

You wait about it is a little over 12 hours. The more it is shaking the rarer the Pokemon is.

Where do you catch munchlax Pokemon pearl?

you buy honey in floroma town,put it on a goldish tree and whait a while as in 4or5 hours. then if you get lucky you can go up to the tree and catch him. the tree will be shaking if a Pokemon is in it

How do you use honey on trees in Pokemon diamond?

Buy honey from Floarama and then when you see a brown tree, press A and apply the honey to the tree. Wait about 6 - 8 hours and when the tree is shaking it means theres a Pokemon there!

Where can you find burmy in Pokemon pearl version?

You need to put honey on a tree, wait nine to twelve hours and the tree will be shaking. There is a chance that the Pokemon there will be a burmy. It's very possible that it will be a different Pokemon, though.