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Actually you don't need more than 20. minecraft enchanting is all luck, you can actually get every natural enchantment on a pickaxe with level 25.

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Q: How much xp orbs do you need for silk touch on Minecraft?
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Can you drop experience orbs in minecraft?

Not anymore

Can you drop experience orbs by pressing Q in Minecraft?

No you can't

What is the id for experience orbs in Minecraft?

There is no Item ID for experience orbs in Minecraft. It does not go in your inventory, or you can't hold it in your hand. BUT you can use "Bottle of Enchanting" though, which is a potion that gives you experience, the same effect of an experience orb, it's ID is 384.

Where do you get the orbs to catch Dialga and Palkia?

You don't need the orbs to catch Dialga or Palkia, they are just to power them up. You can catch them in the battle you have with them. PS The orbs are where they were on Spear Pillar.

Where do you get the orbs you need to catch Dialga and Palkia in Pokemon Platinum?

You dont need the orbs to catch them,but you can get there orb at the end of spearpillar ( past palkia and dailga )

Is there a more xp orbs mod for minecraft servers?

There are mods for basically ANYTHING you can think of. Yahoo/Google or go to YouTube.

Do you need an action replay to get the last two orbs on Pokemon platinum?


How do you get unlimited heath in jak 2?

first you need to complete the game, then find orbs, or you can find orbs first it doesn't matter, then you buy it at the secrets menu.

If 25.21 orbs makes you cast 1 percent faster how many orbs will you need to make a spell that's cast time is 1.5seconds 1.2seconds?


Where is the best place to level up master form?

Me personally, the hallway to the Emperor's throne in The Land of The Dragons, because there they drop lots of orbs and you need orbs to get experience.

Do you need any orbs when catching Kyogre and Groudon?

yes for groudon not kyogre

In grand chase how do you get squire gaikoz?

To get Squire Gaikoz, go to Gaikoz Castle champion mode. There you should acquire the manual in some runs (it's all about luck). Then you need 100 Bermesiah pearls. then 2 Gaikoz orbs, 2 Lich orbs, 2 Drillmon orbs, 2 Pardom orbs, and your set to get the pet. haha joke