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The Red and Blue Orbs are found at Mt.Pyre ...both the team magma and aqua bosses will have gathered there and you are able to take both the orbs..:)

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Q: Where are the orbs in pokemon emerald?
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How do you obtain the two orbs in Pokemon emerald?

you cant

Where do you get dusclops in pokemon emerald?

you evolve it from duskull or catch it in tower with the two orbs

What do you do after the orbs are back it now In Pokémon Emerald?

then you have to fight wallace and then go to pokemon league

How can you get the orbs so you can find team magma on Pokemon emerald?

on top of mnt pyre

Where is team aqua and magma when they steal the orbs in Pokemon emerald?

they went to a better world

Where are the blue and red orbs in Pokemon emerald?

The blue and red orbs are located in Mount Pyre. Mount Pyre is located south of Lilycove City.

Where do the orbs get stolen from in Pokemon emerald?

Mt. Pyre on the route going to Lilycove from Fortree. There will be a lake that you can Surf on to get to the mount in the middle.

How do you get the orbs at mt pyre Pokemon emerald?

you go to the top of mt prye and talk to the old lady and the old guy

How do you get the blue orb in pokemon emerald and don't tell me to go to mount pyre as i did and team magma and aqua said i was 'late' so the took both of the orbs?

In Emerald you dont get the orbs. Instead you get the Magma Emblam which unlocks the secret passageway into the magma hideout in the jagged pass.

What to do when you get the three orbs from gethis' servants in Pokemon white?

you don't have to to anything with the orbs. They only give you the orbs so if you transfer those legendary Pokemon to Pokemon black or white you can give those legendary Pokemon the orbs.

What do you do after both teams return the orbs in Pokemon Emerald?

go to slateport and get a boat to the battle zone or catch all Pokemon

On Pokemon emerald what do I do because the lady at mount pyre didn't give me the orbs or emblem?

they won't give you them so you might want to stop trying