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There are mods for basically ANYTHING you can think of. Yahoo/Google or go to YouTube.

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Q: Is there a more xp orbs mod for minecraft servers?
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Are there Minecraft servers with the furniture mod?

No, the 'furniture mod' does not have any server based files available so it is impossible to host a server with this mod on.

How do you make a person moderator in minecraft servers?

/op [player name] make player a mod /deop [player name] make an already mod not a mod

Does it cost money to get tekkit for minecraft?

Not even a cent! It is completely free. However, the more favorable mod pack for servers is now "Feed The Beast"

Are there any minecraft servers that allow the Minecraft Comes Alive mod?

Not Yet.They Are Still Testing ^^ Just Wait Patiently :) Sooner It'll Be Released!

How do you throw out your Pokemon in Minecraft?

In the mod Pixelmon the R key is used to send out and receive your pokemon, this key can be changed in the control settings in Minecraft Find a full list of controls, commands, servers and more in related links.

What mods are in Minecraft?

there are many mods like moon mod,mars mod ,vanilla mod,and lots more

Do Minecraft servers require a warp?

Only if the owner/maker of the server requires it. It's an add-on mod. It's not part of the normal server.

What is the airplane mod in Minecraft?

a mod where you can fly a plane on minecraft so get it

Can you have a Minecraft mod without downloading it?

Nope. You HAVE to download a minecraft mod to have it.

What is the best mod in Minecraft?

Minecraft doesn't have an official best mod.

What are some mods that can be used in multiplayer that no one else has to have in minecraft besides xray and flying mod?

Too Many Items is one. use: give you any item you want in that version of minecraft although some servers will not let you use this mod or any mods at all.

Is thee a minecraft server that allows the recipe book mod?

Yes, try most tekkit servers. I recommend This requires a special download launcher, found on, and it extends minecraft to the limit.