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Mo Creatures is a modification (mod) for minecraft.

You can get this mod by downloading it from The Minecraft Forums.

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Q: How do you get Minecraft mo creatures?
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What are mo creatures in Minecraft?

Mo' Creatures is a modification (mod) for Minecraft. It adds new mobs like sharks, elephants, horses and more.

How do you keep lions on Minecraft?

Lions can only be found on Minecraft if Mo' Creatures Mod is used. If you would like to keep your lions, keep the Mo' Creatures Mod.

Can you make a horse in Minecraft?

Horses are not a mob yet in Minecraft, but they are available on Mo' Creatures.

How do you find a pegsis on Minecraft?

They are not in minecraft by default. You have to install a mod...Mo Creatures I think it is.

Where could someone download Minecraft Mo' Creatures?

On Minecraftforums

Is portal gun mod compatible with Mo' Creatures mod in Minecraft?

Yes it's compatible with mo creatures but I'm not sure about mo creeps and weirdos.

Do trolls exist on Minecraft?

The only way trolls exist on minecraft is if you have the mo' Creatures mod

Can you use Mo creatures on Minecraft SP?

If you google mo's creatures, you'll get a singleplayer version Be careful Make sure you have the correct version

Can you spawn lions in Minecraft?

Only is you have Mo' Creatures and (MCEdit?) installed.

Where do you find gatOrs on Minecraft?

If you mean alligators, you get them if you get the Mo' creatures mod

Can you use Mo creatures in minecraft SP?

if you mean SSP then yes

How do I remove the armor from a horse in mo' creatures mod?

In the Mo' Creatures mod to Minecraft, it is possible to craft armor for a horse. You can remove it by using shears.