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minecraft typically uses between 300MB and 900MB of RAM, although it can use more if you play on high settings and expand your world a lot. The game usually gets allocated 900 MB RAM by the operating system (if you have that much).

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Q: How much memory do you need for minecraft?
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How much memory do I need for minecraft?

Not so much. In total you'll need around 50-60 MB. Please note that this is without mods. If you download big mods, it may take more space.

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How much memory will minecraft take up on the xbox?

minecraft can use anywhere between 256 MB and 512MB of ram on any system.

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How much memory does a world take up on Minecraft?

It depends on how many blocks you placed and how far you have traveled.

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How much memory does Minecraft take up when you download it on xbox?

The Xbox Live Arcade says it is 113.21 MB

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How do you download minecraft mods for the xbox 360 using usb?

the xbox 360 minecraft is made for xbox and can be found under games on the ps3 hardware on store. you need sufficient memory by either using an external hard drive, internal hard drive, or usb. you need to format the usb to use it under settings, memory.