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The Xbox Live Arcade says it is 113.21 MB

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Q: How much memory does Minecraft take up when you download it on xbox?
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How much memory do I need for minecraft?

Not so much. In total you'll need around 50-60 MB. Please note that this is without mods. If you download big mods, it may take more space.

How much memory does Disney toontown download take up?

Not a lot

How much memory do each saved world take up in Minecraft pocket edition?


How much memory will minecraft take up on the xbox?

minecraft can use anywhere between 256 MB and 512MB of ram on any system.

How do you get skins on Minecraft without a USB chip?

You can download skins from a website and then go on the Minecraft Website. Or download it to Minecraft and it will take you to the page

How much memory does a world take up on Minecraft?

It depends on how many blocks you placed and how far you have traveled.

Does minecraft take a long time to download after you download it?

3 sec

How long does Minecraft take to download after you purchase it?

It can take up to 2 mins it also dependes how much ram and memory u have left so if u have just enough it will take 2 mins if its first this you get 1 min or less if you want to know any more things about minecraft plz send a eamil latez

How much memory does it take to download imvu?

it took up to 927.00MB Taked isn't a word.....

Can you take your xbox profile off of minecraft and download it to your computer?


How do you download Minecraft survival island?

First go to the download, and download it. Second, unzip the file onto your computer. Third, take the file, and drag it into the save files on Minecraft, and there you go!

How much memory does Halo 2 Multiplayer Map Pack take up?

it should say when you try to download it