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3 sec

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Q: Does minecraft take a long time to download after you download it?
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How long did it take to download Annihilation?

A really long time

How long does the Leapfrog Didj take to download?

a long time

How long does it take to download?

download time = size of file / speed of your internet connection

How do you download skyblock for Minecraft?

Find it on the minecraft forums Download the data import all of the things in to a new world SKYBLOCK TIME

What do you do if mine craftjar is deleted?

The next time you play Minecraft, if you are connected to the internet, Minecraft will automatically download it.

Does league of legends take long to download and update?

Typically, League of Legends does not take very long to download and update. The actual time will depend on your Internet speed.

Do you need internet for minecraft mods?

No, only when you download them the first time.

Does PalTalk take a long time to download?

At 20.26 mb, this program shouldn't take more than a minute for the average computer to download.

Why does the playtation 3 take a long time to download the game file?

If it's a large file or your connection is slow the download time will be longer.

Do you need to own minecraft PC to download snapshots?

Yes. If you have Mac; I'm not entirely sure. The only time Notch let the free public play minecraft was Survival test, and that was long ago.

How long does it take for minecraft to load?

I few seconds plus or minus, depending on how fast your computer is. (this does not count for the actual time it takes for minecraft to open, just for it to load, this also does not count if there is an update, then it will take as long as it would for it to update.)

Does it take a long time to download flash player?

It depends on how fast your computer is and how fast your internet speed is but it shouldn't take long normally.

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How long does it take to download Minecraft?

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