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2-letter words

ae, al, as, at, ay, ef, el, es, et, fa, la, lo, oe, of, op, os, oy, pa, pe, so, ta, to, ya, ye

3-letter words

aft, ale, alp, als, alt, ape, apt, asp, ate, aye, ays, eat, efs, eft, elf, els, eta, fas, fat, fay, fet, fey, fly, foe, fop, foy, lap, las, lat, lay, lea, let, ley, loo, lop, lot, lye, oaf, oat, oes, oft, ole, oot, ope, ops, opt, ose, pal, pas, pat, pay, pea, pes, pet, ply, pol, pot, pya, pye, sae, sal, sap, sat, say, sea, sel, set, sly, sol, sop, sot, soy, spa, spy, sty, tae, tao, tap, tas, tea, tel, toe, too, top, toy, tye, yap, yea, yep, yes, yet

4-letter words

alef, ales, aloe, alps, also, alto, alts, apes, apse, ates, atop, ayes, east, easy, eats, efts, epos, espy, etas, eyas, fast, fate, fats, fays, feal, feat, felt, feta, fets, flap, flat, flay, flea, fley, floe, flop, foal, foes, fool, foot, fops, foys, laps, lase, last, late, lats, lays, leaf, leap, leas, left, lept, lest, lets, leys, loaf, loft, loof, loop, loos, loot, lope, lops, lose, lost, lota, lots, lyes, lyse, oafs, oast, oats, olea, oleo, oles, oops, oots, opal, opes, opts, oyes, pale, pals, paly, pase, past, pate, pats, paty, pays, peal, peas, peat, pelf, pelt, peso, pest, pets, plat, play, plea, plot, ploy, poet, pole, polo, pols, poly, poof, pool, pose, post, posy, pots, pyas, pyes, safe, sale, salp, salt, sate, seal, seat, self, sept, seta, slap, slat, slay, sloe, slop, slot, soap, sofa, soft, sola, sole, solo, soot, soya, spae, spat, spay, spot, stay, step, stey, stoa, stop, stye, tael, tale, taos, tape, taps, teal, teas, tela, tels, tepa, toea, toes, tola, tole, tool, tope, tops, toyo, toys, tyes, type, typo, yaps, yeas, yelp

5-letter words

afoot, alefs, aloes, aloft, aloof, altos, aptly, atopy, estop, false, fates, fatly, feast, feats, felts, fetal, fetas, flaps, flats, flays, fleas, fleys, float, floes, flops, flota, flyte, foals, fools, foots, footy, lapse, leafs, leafy, leaps, leapt, least, lefts, lefty, lepta, loafs, lofts, lofty, looey, loofa, loofs, loops, loopy, loose, loots, lopes, lotas, lotos, lyase, oleos, opals, pales, palet, palsy, paseo, paste, pasty, pates, patly, patsy, peals, peats, peaty, pelfs, pelts, pesto, petal, plate, plats, platy, plays, pleas, pleat, plots, ploys, poesy, poets, poles, polos, polys, pools, potsy, psoae, salep, salty, sepal, sepoy, septa, setal, slate, slaty, slept, sloop, slope, slype, soapy, softa, softy, sooey, sooty, sotol, spale, spate, spelt, splat, splay, spoof, spool, stale, steal, stela, stoae, stole, stool, stoop, stope, style, taels, tales, tapes, teals, telos, tepal, tepas, tepoy, tesla, tolas, toles, tools, topes, topos, toyos, typal, types, typos, yeast, yelps

6-letter words

aslope, fealty, featly, festal, floats, floaty, flooey, floosy, flotas, flytes, foetal, folate, footle, footsy, looeys, loofas, lysate, osteal, palest, palets, pastel, pelota, petals, peyotl, plates, platys, pleats, postal, safely, safety, saloop, sapote, septal, slatey, softly, solate, spoofy, staple, teapoy, tepals, tepoys

7-letter words

apostle, flypast, folates, footles, pelotas, peyotls, teapoys

9-letter words


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Q: How many words can you make out of pool safety?
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Helpful Tips for Maintaining Pool Safety Covers?

Pool safety is extremely important for you and your loved ones. As much fun as a pool in your backyard can be, a pool safety cover for the off season is an absolute must. Here are some useful tips to put to use on your pool in the off season. The portion of your pool or deck area that will come into contact with your pool safety cover should be protected by padding. Neglecting the padding can cause friction between your pool cover and the wood of your deck or the metal edge of your pool. Prolonged friction can cause your pool safety cover to wear down or tear. Be careful maintaining your pool, even if the pool safety cover is in place. Keep your pool safety cover taut, and if necessary make adjustments throughout the season.

How many swear words are there in the album Sinner by drowning pool?

There are no swear words in "Sinner" by Drowning Pool.

What food colouring can i use to make my pool blue?

You can make your pool blue by by putting blue dye in it, but make sure it is safe to consume and to have on the skin if people or animals are going to be in contact with it. Most pool users have the pool painted with water resistant paint and then when fully dried they fill the pool - dyes such as "NBS BIRU (Blue Dye)" and many other are available but the onus is on you to ensure the safety of teh water for what ever purpose you want to usei it for

What are some safety risks with pool ladders?

Pool ladders can pose many safety risks. One of the most serious hazards is that of children drowning when ladders are left in pools. Another risk is that of slipping off the ladder while getting out of the pool with wet feet.

Are pool chemicals certified for safety and quality?

Don't know if this is what you mean by certified, but pool chems that have the potential to harm you usually say so with words like "hazardous," "poison," "corrosive," and "oxidizer." Many pool chems are potentially dangerous and care needs to be taken when using them. I don't know if there are any quality certifications.

Who safeguards swimmers at swimming pool?

If you have a pool, it is important to register. For compliance purposes, the current safety standard for the pool will depend on the validity of the certificate and the building certificate. A pool security certificate is issued in Brisbane, Ipswich, Sunshine Coast, and Queensland by a pool safety inspector and by a construction inspector only. You will need a security inspection certificate issued by an inspector licensed by Queensland Government (QLD) if you rent, sell, or share a pool. When the safety standards are met, a certification for pool safety is then provided. For the certification, the Pool Safety Inspector is expected to ensure that the certificate is entered in the Pool Safety Register. The inspector will provide the pool certificate if: • Lack of pool or barriers development approval • In compliance with the development approval of the pool or its obstacles • Failure by the owner of the pool to pay an inspection fee or contractual dispute In the event of non-compliance, which means that the swimming pool safety inspector is not satisfied with the safety standard compliance status of the pool, a separate form 26 is used by the pool owner within two business days of the inspection. The Pool Safety NOC indicates areas where the Pool does not comply and what to do to ensure compliance. If the owner felt aggrieved, he could proceed and appeal the decision of the pool inspector in spite of the resolution committee. The owner can lodge the appeal within 20 working days of the date of issue of Form 26. A property owner receives a certificate of classification for a building that has a pool or land on which a regulated swimming pool exists. This serves as a safety certificate, which is one year for public pools and two years for private pools. The validity of the classification certificate and of the construction certificate depends on whether the certificate is issued under the current standard for pool safety. How long does a certificate for pool safety last? It's two years for a residential pool safety certificate, but you're not required to get a different certificate. All you need to do is to ensure that the fencing of your pool remains compliant. If you are going to sell or lease your property in the future, you really only need to get a new pool safety certificate.

Does a Florida landlord have to have a pool safety fence?

Every pool in Florida needs to have a barrier or safety fence around the pool. An existing structure like a fence in some circumstances may count.

What is the transitive verb in this sentence the lifeguards gave safety lessons by the pool?

by the pool

What is better Pool fence or pool safety cover?

From the point of view of safety without surveillance the pool fence is safer. This is because the fence is always there, with a gate that closes automatically and locks so that toddlers cant open it. A pool safety cover is fine when it is in place however when it is not a toddler can approach the pool and there is nothing that protects him or her when they are not being watched.Another contributorI agree with the above answer, pool fence is definitely the way to go. In fact, in most areas it is law or soon will be. I say it will soon be law is because in December 2007 The Virginia Graeme Baker Pool & Spa Safety Act of 2007 was signed into law. Even if some law does not require it, most insurance companies will make you do it or cancel your policy.

What is the safety rating for mesh pool covers?

Currently, pool covers do not get safety ratings from the government. You can look for user ratings online for particular covers though.

Whay is the OSHA safety standards for safety compliance of an above ground swimming pool?

OSHA would apply to those who build the pool and those employed by the pool (such as lifeguards), but if this is a personal pool, then OSHA really has no application because it is nobody's work place.

Do you need a safety cover for an above ground pool?

Generally a safety cover is not required for an above ground pool since the height of the sides of the pool create the barrier to entry. Be sure that none of the pool equipment or piping around your above ground pool could be used to climb up into the pool and always remove the ladder from the pool and store it several feet away from the pool when the pool is not in use. Generally, this will create a barrier of 3-5 feet high (depending upon the height of the pool sidewall) to prevent accidental entry into the pool. Please check with your local city and county as they may have specific requriements for above ground pool installation unique to your area. With all of this being said, the most important part of any pool installation is safety and a safety cover for an above ground pool is one more level of caution that should not be ignored and should be seriously considered regardless of the cost. Pool safety is priceless.