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Well,you actually cant make a pool on Sims 3 for Wii.

Try XBox,or PC

They have pools for Sims 3

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Q: How do you make a pool on sims 3 for wii?
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How makes you a pool in the sims 3 for wii?

Unfortunatly, you cannot make a pool in the sims 3 for wii. Sorry! Although, you can on the PC version.

Can you buy swimming pools on sims 3 wii?

Gibt es bei die sims 3 wii einen Pool zum bauen

Can you get a swimming pool on the sims 3?

You can on PC, but I don't think you can on the Wii.

Will The Sims 3 be on the Wii?

The sims 3 is on the wii now Hope this helped

Will thee Sims 3 be on Wii?

There is a sims 3 on wii, lol :P

When is the Sims 3 on Wii?

The Sims 3 for Wii is already in stores. I have it myself for the Wii. It is a very fun game!

Is Sims 3 world adventures on Wii?

No the sims 3 World Adventures is not on the Wii, unfortunetly.

Is Sims 3 the game for Wii?

no sims 3 for computer

When will sims 3 pets come out for wii?

It won't. the sims 3 wii does not have expansion packs and is way different (and worse) then the original sims 3.

Will sims 3 pets come out in wii?

No. The sims 3 wii (which is nothing like the sims 3 pc) does not have any expansion packs. Sorry

How can you help your sims get a promotion quicker on sims 3 wii?

Make them work harder or give them the meglomatic trait.

When does the sims 3 come out on wii in the UK?

there is NO Sims three on the wii its just for the computer!!!!