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Go to the pool option, and hold down control. then outline the pool like you would normally make one, let go of the mouse, and BOOM! no more pool. =)

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Q: How do you delete your pool on The Sims life stories?
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Can you have a pool on sims life stories?

Yes you can have a pool, but you need to make sure you have a big enough lot.

How do you delete a pool on Sims 2?

You have to do the same thing you did to make the pool except press ctrl and do it the other way.

How do you earse an sims on life stories?

you need a pool and go in it and when your sim is in swim away from the laddar and when your sim goes there go on buy mode and delete the diving board and the laddar and then fast forward and then later on their mood will go down and they will sink to the bottom then the black dude will come and make a gravestone. Gott it?!

How do you get murdered in sims 2?

you cant. you can either get electricuted, drown if u put them in the pool and delete the steps or have a fire.

How do you remove the pool on Sims making magic?

Click the water/pool tool and move your mouse to the edge of the pool. Then hold down CTRL and click and hold the mouse over the area you want to delete, just like with walls.

How do you build a pool in Sims 3?

I play sims 3 4 computer and you can build pools by going onto build mode then selecting the picture of a pool. Click and drag with the mouse to build one. Hold down Ctrl and basically draw it again to delete it. Hope this helps.....Twinz46

How do you delete your pool in Sims 2?

Easy. You go into build mode, and click the build pool thing, then u hold control, (ctrl), and click and drag over the pool. the part that u delete turns red. (instead of green, like wen u place a pool.) simple right? and if you are wondering, u delete walls the same way. click the build wall thing, hold control, and drag it along the wall u dont want.

How do you make a pool on sims 3 for wii?

Well,you actually cant make a pool on Sims 3 for Wii. Try XBox,or PC They have pools for Sims 3

How do you buy a pool in sims 2 on Playstation 2?

Go to building mode, pool, then the pool

How makes you a pool in the sims 3 for wii?

Unfortunatly, you cannot make a pool in the sims 3 for wii. Sorry! Although, you can on the PC version.

Is there a Sims 3 for the iPod nano?

No there is not. There is a Sims d.j. Sim pool or Sim bowling

How does a sim get a pool on Sims 3?

Go to Build Mode and click Create Pool.