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Well most of the trains in Nimbasa City are Battle trains. One other train is the brown train (fourth train from the stairs on the right) and this train takes one to a town called Anville Town in the left hand corner of the map. This is a peacefull town, try it out! In total with the extra train to Anville Town there are 8 trains. These (going from the stairs clockwise) are, Wi-Fi trains, Multi Trains, Super Multi Trains, Anville Town trains, Super Double Trains, Double Trains, Super Single Trains, and Single Trains. You will find that you need to do Single and Double trains first before you can move on to the Super Single, and Super Double trains. The Multi trains, Wi-Fi trains, an trains to Anville Town can be used without going on any other trains.

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Q: How many trains are there in ni mbasa city on Pokemon black?
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