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There is no Contest Hall in Pokemon Black because Pokemon Black does not have Pokemon Contests.

Instead of Pokemon Contests, Pokemon Black has Pokemon Musicals. Pokemon Musicals are held in the Pokemon Musical Building in Nimbasa City.

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Q: Where are the contest hall in Pokemon Black?
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In Pokemon platinum whst the word for the contest hall?

The Super Contest hall

How do you get a pokeblock on Pokemon sappire?

Blend berries at a contest hall. There is a contest hall in Verdanturf, Fallarbor, Slateport and Lilycove.

In Pokemon emerald Is there a prize if you win in the contest hall?

If you win in the contest hall you get a ribbon but nothing else except for that

What are all of the ribbons on Pokemon emerald?

Ribbons are gained in Lilycove city at the Pokemon Contest hall when one of your Pokemon wins a contest.

Where is Fantina on Pokemon Diamond?

You can find her at the Contest Hall.

Where is the contest hall in Pokemon platinum?

hearthome city

Where do you make pokeblocks in Pokemon Sapphire?

contest hall

Where is contest hall in slateport city in Pokemon sapphire?

In Slateport City, the contest hall is close to the northern exit, just to the left of it.

Pokemon Ruby where do you get a contest pass?

In the contest hall in Slateport City(Ask Mr.Briney to bring you there.)

Where is the contest hall in Pokemon sapphire?

there is 1 in vendurof town:)

Where is the day care in Pokemon emerald?

It is East of the contest hall.

In Pokemon platinum what town is the contest hall in?

hearthome city.