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Contest Hall in Lilycove.

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Q: Where is the berry blender in Pokemon emerald?
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Where do you get the berry blender in Pokemon Emerald?

the Pokemon contest arena

How do you make blue pokeblocks in Pokemon emerald?

Look for a berry that has dry circled in red on its tag use it in the berry blender.

How do you get ganlon berry in emerald?

You can't get it on Pokemon emerald

What is a starf berry in Pokemon sapphire?

Its a berry given by Scott in Pokemon emerald.

How do you find ganlon berry on Pokemon Emerald?

In order to get the Ganlon Berry in Pokemon Emerald you must either have gotten a Jirachi (Through Pokemon Colosseum Bonus Disk) with the Ganlon Berry, or use a cheat device.

Where can you find berry blender in emerald?

berry blenders are in every contest place. To the right in each room, the boxes with people standing around are the berry blenders

Where do you buy berries in pokemon emerald?

I hate to break it to you, but you can not buy berries. If you run out, the guy in the Pokemon contest buildings, by the blender, if you talk to him directly, he will give you a berry only if you don't have any on you. *note: he only does this once a day

Where do you find pataya berry in Pokemon Emerald?

Pataya berries must be obtained from either Pokemon colosseum or Pokemon xd gale of darkness trade a Pokemon holding the berry to emerald then plant it to get more.

Where to get a leichi berry in Pokemon emerald?

They are on Mirage Island.

Can you get salac berry from pick up in Pokemon emerald?


Where is the berry jar in Pokemon emerald?

There is no such thing as a berry jar, well, not that I know of anyway.

Where is the berry master's house in Pokemon emerald?

its on route 123