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in castelia city, city with boat to victini

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Q: Where can you massage your Pokemon in Pokemon black?
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How can a Pokemon receive a massage?

A Pokemon can receive a massage once a day by speaking to the game's massage person. When and where your Pokemon can receive a massage depends on the Pokemon game you're playing.

Massage girl in Pokemon Diamond?

The massage girl is in Veilstone. Her massages make your Pokemon more friendly, and get you Pokemon accessories! Hope this helps!!!!!!!!!

Where do you get happiness in necrese city in Pokemon black?

Go down castellia street to the building across from the gamefreak hq. There will be a lady on the first floor that will massage your pokemon once a day.

How often can your Pokemon get a massage?

Once a a day in Pokemon Platinum

How do you massage Pichu in Pokemon Diamond?

You can massage any Pokemon, As long as you go to the right place. In the Resort Area, if you can enter the ribbons club, go upstairs and the 4 people will give the first Pokemon in your team a massage. Even better is the massage girl in Veilstone City. She will massage any Pokemon in your team (your choice) and at the end, she will find a contest item. Hope this helped.

Can you get your Pokemon a massage in ruby if you can where?

you cant

How do you massage a Pokemon on Pokemon Pearl?

Go to the house nearest the Veilstone Gym

How many times can you message a Pokemon?

You can massage your Pokemon in Veilstone city once per day. You will also get some fashion items each day you massage...

where is the massage lady in Pokemon X and Y?

You need to get a massage in pallet town from Blue's sister, Daisy, between 4:00 and 5:00 P.M

Where can you get massage in Pokemon ruby?

flarebor city ... I think.

How do you get daisy oak to massage your Pokemon heartgold?

You talk to her. She'll ask which Pokemon you want to get massaged.

What is in the ribbon society in Pokemon pearl?

You can get better ribbons and get a massage for your Pokemon that will raise their freindship.