Massage girl in Pokemon Diamond

Updated: 4/27/2022
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The massage girl is in Veilstone. Her massages make your Pokemon more friendly, and get you Pokemon accessories!

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Q: Massage girl in Pokemon Diamond
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On Pokemon Diamond how do you get that girl to teach you how to massage a Pokemon?

you dont, she will never tell you, its just the way the game is.

Where can you get your Pokemon a haircut in Pokemon Diamond?

you cant get a hair cut but you can go to veilstone and look in the houses and talk to a girl and she will give you the option for her to massage your pokemon, this can improve your friend ship

How do you massage Pichu in Pokemon Diamond?

You can massage any Pokemon, As long as you go to the right place. In the Resort Area, if you can enter the ribbons club, go upstairs and the 4 people will give the first Pokemon in your team a massage. Even better is the massage girl in Veilstone City. She will massage any Pokemon in your team (your choice) and at the end, she will find a contest item. Hope this helped.

Is there an action replay code that lets you massage a Pokemon more than once a day in Pokemon diamond?


Where is the massage lady in velistone city in Pokemon diamond?

She is in a house next to the gym

How can you get more accessories for Pokemon Diamond's Pokemon Contest?

2 get accessories on diamond you have to go walking with a cute Pokemon in heathome city or go to the massage lady in veilstone city. She will not only give you a massage but an accessory as proof. you can only go to her every 24 hours.

Is there a girl that kills your Pokemon in the old chateau in Pokemon Diamond?


Where do you learn to massage Pokemon in Pokemon Diamond?

You cant learn how to but u can go 2 a place in veilstone city 2 get ur Pokemon massaged

How do you evolve cleafa?

cleffa evolves into clefairy when its happiness is full, you can increase this by feeding it berries, giving it to the massage girl in veilstone city (Pokemon diamond, pearl, platinum), leveling it or giving it vitaminds. you can check its happiness in the Pokemon fan club in hearthome city (Pokemon dpp)

Can you olny get it shamin being a girl in Pokemon diamond?


Who is the main girl in Pokemon Sinnoh?

I believe that is Dawn, she looks like the playable girl in Pokemon Pearl and Diamond.

What Pokemon can you get by talking to the little girl in Pokemon diamond?

the little girl at valley windworks will eventually get you a drifloon lv.20