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It takes 5,376 steps for a chimchar egg. And If You have A Pokemon with Both Magma Armor And Or Flame body, 5,376 Steps Become 2,688. If You want email Me At: or go to for more hatching egg steps.

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Q: How many steps do you need to take so the chimchar egg hatches?
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What level does an egg haunch in Pokemon heart gold version?

an egg dose not level up it hatches on how many steps you take.on each different egg you need a certain amount of steps.

Which stone does chimchar need to Evolve?

Chimchar does not need a stone to evolve, it evolves at level 14 into Monferno.

Where can you catch chimchar on Pokemon Pearl?

You cannot catch Chimchar in the wild in Pokemon Pearl. You can only get chimchar either at the beginning of the game, or breeding a chimcharm, infernape, or monferno. Otherwise, you need an Action Replay to catch a chimchar in the wild.

Does anyone need Piplup or Turtwig eye need Chimchar would you want to trade?

My fc is 3395 1609 3739. I can trade chimchar for any grass starter

Where do you get infonape on pearl?

Infernape is a starter, you need to evolve it from chimchar.

Where can you see monferno in Pokemon pearl?

You need to get Chimchar as your starter and evolve it.

How many steps do you need to walk to hatch evee?

8,960 Steps

When should you open all windows and hatches when you need to refuel your boat?

you should open all windows/hatches after fueling your boat

How many steps are there in the steps pyramid?

To be successful, there are many steps you may need to take. The most important steps are to persevere and be determined.

How do you get chimchar and piplup if you got turtwig from professor rowen?

If you need to know I chose piplup But I know how to get all starters if you chose chimchar or turtwig. Migrate a ditto from firered or leafgreen Trade for a infernape or monferno or chimchar then put ditto and the traded Pokemon in the daycare soon youll have a egg and inside is a chimchar when it hatches youll get a baby chimchar! take care of it. return the traded Pokemon back to the trainer you got it from. do the same for piplup. migrate from firered or leafgreen. cheating could also help. Just for you to know, You have the oppurtunity to make eggs for your friends. lets say your friend chose turtwig and they want piplup. you take yours, whether it evolved or not. put it in the daycare with ditto. youll get an egg. inside is piplup. SWEET! your friend will get the egg if you trade. do the same for the other starters. Good luck trainers out there who have diamond,pearl,or platinum!

How do you hatch the Baby Digi egg?

To hatch an egg, you will need to have it in your party and by walking or biking, you will gain steps. When the required steps are met, the Pokemon will hatch from the egg. If you have a Pokemon with the ability flame body, this will lower the number of steps needed for the egg to hatch

Where to see monferno in Pokemon Pearl?

You need to get a chimchar in Pokemon pearl from the proffeser or trade.