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you build up your Pokemon higher than the gym leaders and the you kill the gym leaders Pokemon and as they all faint you will get a badge and you have to move on to nuger 4 gym leader

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Q: What is everything you do after you beat the third gym leader in Pokemon Emerald?
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In Pokemon emerald what is the best Pokemon to have for the third gym leader?


What is the third gym on Pokemon emerald?

Wattson is the 3rd gym leader and he has thunder type Pokemon

How do you get to the third gym in Pokemon emerald?

'farfetch'd does not evolve' what? the third gym is in mauville. The leader is 'wattson' and he uses electric pokemon.

What level Pokemon does the third gym leader have in Pokemon emerald?

voltorb electrate megnaton manectric highest Pokemon is manectric at 24

Where do you go after you beat the third gym leader in pokemon emerald?

Hi my name is Jose and I will help you. I play pokemon 24-7 so I am a expert. After you beat the the third gym leader you go to the next city. Adios!

What is everything you do after you beat the third gym leader in Pokemon Soul silver?

Beat your rival get flash

How do you go to the third island in PokΓ©mon's emerald?

There isn't a third island in Pokemon emerald.

Where is the third gym leader in Pokemon emerald?

In mauvile city. It's just near the bike course.

Where is the third gym leader in emerald?

in mauville city

Can you get Giratina in Pokemon Emerald?

You cannot get Giratina in Pokemon Emerald. Emerald is a third generation Pokemon game, and Giratina didn't appear until the fourth generation, with Diamond and Pearl.

What are the types of each gym leaders' Pokemon in Pokemon emerald?

The first gym leader has ground and rock types, the second leader has fighting types, the third leader has electric and steel types, the fourth leader has fire types, the fifth leader has normal types, the sixth leader has flying types, the seventh leader has psychic and rock types, the last leader has water types.

How do you get rock smash to work once you have it in emerald?

beat the third gym leader

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