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He is in Vermilion City!!!

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Q: Where is the third gym leader in fire red Pokemon?
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How do you battle the third gym leader at fire red Pokemon?

you have to break the code

Where is the seventh gym leader in Pokemon Yellow?

The 7th gym leader is Blaine. He the gym leader of Cinnabar Island gym. He uses Fire type Pokemon and he will give you the TM that contains Fire Blast when you defeat him.

What Pokemon does Pryce the gym leader have in fire red?

There is no gym leader called Pryce.

What Pokemon do you use to beat the third gym leader in fire red?

I used a Nidoking to beat the third gym leader and you can find a nidoran male on the route you get the running shoes on and a moon stone in Mt. moon

How do you find the third gym leader in Pokemon soulsilver?

In the goldenrod gym.

Where is the trird gym leader in Pokemon Sapphire?

The third gym leader in Pokemon Sapphire is Wattson and he is located in Mauville City.

3rd gym leader in Pokemon Pearl?

The third gym leader in poekmon pearl is maylene, a fighting type gym leader.

How do you get to the third gym in Pokemon emerald?

'farfetch'd does not evolve' what? the third gym is in mauville. The leader is 'wattson' and he uses electric pokemon.

What gym leader do you face to get strength in Pokemon Sapphire?

the fourth gym its a fire gym

In Pokemon emerald what is the best Pokemon to have for the third gym leader?


What lv Pokemon does the third gym leader have in Pokemon firered?


How do you get the third gym leader to appear in soul silver?

go to the Pokemon gym