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beat everyone in and you can get into the saffron gym

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Q: How do you get to the gym leader in Saffron on Pokemon fire red?
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Where is the sixth gym leader in Pokemon Fire Red?

AnswerThe sixth gym leader, Sabrina, is in Saffron City, but there will be a guard standing in front to the gym. To remove him, you need to beat Giovanni in the Silph Corp. in Saffron City.

Where is the 5 gym leader in Pokemon FireRed?

saffron city (psychic type gym leader)

Who is the 6th gym on Pokemon LeafGreen?

The 6th gym is in Saffron City the gym leader is Sabrina she uses Psychic type pokemon.

How do get to to 5th gym leader in Pokemon firered?

You go to saffron city

How do you get to saffron city gym in Pokemon fire red?

It is the dojo at saffron city at the top of the city/

Were can you find hitmonlee in Pokemon FireRed?

In the 4th gym ! After you beaten the gym leader in saffron city!!

Who is the sixth gym leader on Pokemon Red?

Sabrina, the psychic gym leader. She is located in Saffron City just after beating Koga, the fifth gym leader.

How do i unlock saffron's gym Pokemon FireRed?

location of Marshbadge pokemon fire Red

What cave is the gym leader of saffron in on Pokemon gold?

The cave is called Dragon Cave and it's situated in a lake behind the city the gym is in.

Where is the fighting gym leader for saffron in Pokemon soul silver?

Mt. Mortar

How do you get badge 2 in Pokemon FireRed?

Defeat the gym leader in Saffron City.

Where is the 14 gym leader in Pokemon soulsilver?

If you have gone in order so far the 14th gym leader should be Sabrina who is in the saffron city gym.