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By defeating team rocket in saffron tower

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Q: How do you get inside Sabrina's gym on Pokemon fire red?
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Where are the six karatekas on Pokemon Yellow?

right next to sabrinas gym

In Pokemon how do you get through Sabrinas gym?

the video will tell you everything! :]

Why is the door locked to get inside the seventh gym on fire red?

That is easy. You have to go to the Pokemon mansion and find the key to unlock the gym.

How do you get in Sabrinas gym?

Beat the team rocket boss in silph co.

Where is the key to the seventh badge in Pokemon fire red?

It's located inside Pokemon mansion which can be found near the seventh gym.

Where is the next gym after the electricity gym on Pokemon sapphire?

fire gym in lavaridge

Where can you find fire Pokemon before the second gym on gold?

the only fire Pokemon you can get before the second gym is cyndaquil, the starter

In Pokemon FireRed what is Sabrinas team on?

I don't quite understand exactly what you're asking, but I'll try to help. Sabrina's team is in Saffron city, and she has Psychic type Pokemon. She's the gym leader in that town.

What type is the fourth gym leader in Pokemon firered?

The fourth gym at Pokemon fire red is grass type gym

What gym leader do you face to get strength in Pokemon Sapphire?

the fourth gym its a fire gym

What are good Pokemon for the hearthome gym?

fire Fire and Dark

What is the next gym after the fire in Pokemon Sapphire?

the grass type gym