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On Pokemon soul silver the cinnabar gym is located inside Seafoam Islands.

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Q: Pokemon SoulSilver how to get to the cinnabar gym?
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On Pokemon soulsilver version how do you get to the gym in cinnabar island?

its in seafoam island not cinnabar

Where do you find viridian gym leader blue in Pokemon soulsilver?

Cinnabar Island.

How do you get into the Viridian gym on Pokemon SoulSilver?

meet blue, the gymleader on cinnabar island

In Pokemon soulsilver what do you do after the 7th gym in Kanto?

Go to Cinnabar island and talk to Blue. He'll agree to go back to his gym and battle you.

Where did the 16th gym leader go?

Well after you defeat 15 gym leaders in Pokemon HeartGold / SoulSilver go to Cinnabar Island and talk to Blue.

Where do you find the 8th gym leader in Kanto Pokemon SoulSilver?

Blue (The eighth gym leader) is waiting on Cinnabar. He won't battle you unless you've beat the rest of the gym leaders

How do you grt in the gym in Viiian city on Pokemon soulsilver version?

Surf south from Pallet town and find Blue on Cinnabar Island.

Where can you find the Viridian gym leader in Pokemon SoulSilver?

Blue can be found at Cinnabar Island. You have to defeat the other 7 Kanto gym leaders before you are able to battle him.

Who is the gym leader for Viridian City and where do you find them in Pokemon SoulSilver?

In the original Silver game, the gym leader was Blue and you would find him at Cinnabar island. After meeting him there, you can go back to the gym and fight him.

How do you get to the Gym on Cinnabar Island in SoulSilver?

you walk right in the cave island

How do you get the 16th gymbage in Pokemon SoulSilver?

you have to beat all the kanto gyms then go to cinnabar and talk to blue he will then go to the last gym and you can battle him there

Where is the magmarzer in Pokemon SoulSilver?

The magmarizer is on cinnabar island but you can only get it after you beat all kanto gym leaders and get rock climb from professor oak