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Q: How many guitars can play at one time on rock band Wii?
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Can older Rock Band guitars play on The Beatles Rock Band?


Can you play rock band using band hero instruments on the Wii?

Yes, you can. You can also play rock band with guitar hero guitars.

Does rock band-guitars work on Guitar Hero?

Yes any rock band guitar can play on Guitar hero 3

How many guitars can you play in the beatles rock band?

I am not sure, but there are 3 guitars to promote the game.

Can you play Rock Band ACDC with a Guitar Hero metallica guitar?

Yes the guitar hero guitars are completely compatible with rock band.

If you have two guitars can you play bass and guitar on rock band?

yes. they are the same controller.

Does rock band guitars come in the rock band set?

Yes, it does.

Is legends of rock game compatible with band hero guitars?

I'm familiar that you can play Band Hero with Guitar Hero guitars, I would assume as long as it the same system then it would not matter

Are the rock band guitars the same has rock band 2 guitars?

No, but they are very similar. The rock band 2 guitar has quieter buttons and is colored differentely, but it still has the Fender Stratocaster design.

What guitar will work for the Nintendo Wii?

Any guitar hero guitars or rock band guitars will work in ultimate band.

Can the rock band guitars be used as basses?

Indeed they can.

Where do you get rock band guitars the cheapest?

The General Store