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no, or they wouldn't sell Rock Band and Rock Band full set separately...

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Q: Do you need drums to play rock band?
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What controllers do you need to play rock band 2 on xbox 360?

okay if you what to play with the drummer you need the rock band controllers and the drums

Do you need the drums to play the beatles rock band?

no. but you need a guitar, or microphone and controller to play

Can you play rock band on guitar hero drums?

You can play rock band drum on guitar hero drums band.

Can you play Guitar Hero games with rock band guitar and drums on PS3?

No, its the other way around. You can play guitar hero with rock band drums on the 360.

Can you play the ACDC Rock Band game with Band Hero drums?

no but you can play drums on world guitar hero 5 and warriors of rock :) hope this helped.

Can you play band hero drum with rock band?

You can play Band Hero Drum with Rock Band 2, not rock band 1 ( you have to transfer the songs from RB1 to RB2 to play with Band Hero Drums)

Do you need a guitar for rock band 2 ps3?

No, but if you don't have a guitar you can only play with the mic. or the drums.

Can you use your electronic drums to play rock band 2?

yes the normal drums are electronic

How do you play rock band 2 on the drums on your computer?

I don't know that it's possible to play "Rock Band 2" on the drums on your computer... However, if it is possible, then there would be a plug-in in the back of your computer that the drums would hook up to.

Can you play aerosmith guitar hero with rock band drums?


What instrument does a rock band need?

drums , guitar and a mike

Can you play Rock Band 2 with the PS2 controller for example in place of the drums?

no, you will need the drum set, guitar etc.