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You can't; they're for Video Games only.

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Q: How do you get the rock band drums to work as regular drums?
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Does rock band 1 drums work for rockband2?

rock band 1 drums does work for rock band 2. guitar hero drums also work on the rock band games. ( the orange is a blue note )

Will Rock Band 2 drums work for Rock Band?


Can a rock band guitar work for a Guitar Hero game?

Yes, but not the drums (but a guitar hero drums will work on a rock band game)

Does rock band 2 drums work on rock band 1?

yes they will.

Do the drums for Rock Band 2 work for the drums on Rock Band 3?

Yes! But do check out the new guitar for rock band 3. There are real strings!

Does rock band drums work for band hero?

No you can't

Does the rock band 2 cymbal pack work with the rock band 1 drums?

no. RB1 drums dont have cymbal outlets

Can you play rock band on guitar hero drums?

You can play rock band drum on guitar hero drums band.

Do rock band drums work with Lego rock band?

Of course! Did you know that guitar hero stuff can work on rock band and rock band instruments can work on guitar hero? Amazing huh?!

Can rock band drums work on rock band 2?

Yes, all the instruments from the first game work on the 2nd.

Can a rock band wii drums guitar and mic work on the rock band 360 version?


Can you use Guitar Hero world tour drums and guitar on rock band for Ps2?

Your Guitar Hero World Tour Guitar will work with all Rock Band games but your drums will not work with any of the games because the Guitar Hero Drums have one more pad than the rock band drums