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no because wii is compatible with no other console than GC

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Q: Will ps2 rock band drums work on Wii?
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Can a rock band wii drums guitar and mic work on the rock band 360 version?


Does the wii drums work with the band hero game?

only for rock band 2 and any rock band games after that.

Do the ghwt drums work with rock band 2?

I have the wii and they work on RB2 if they dont use the arrow keys on the wii romote and it will work i sware

Can the drums from guitar hero work with rock band for wii?

Yes. And it also works vice versa.

Can you use the four pad setting Like if you're using the rock band drums on GHWT for wii if you're using the guitar hero drums?

No, you have to use all five pads on GHWT for Wii. GHWT is not compatible with Rock Band drums on the Wii. However, Rock Band 2 for Wii is indeed compatible with the Wii Guitar Hero drums so if you are willing to shell out the money for it, you can play Rock Band 2 for the four-pad experience.

Do the rock band 2 drums work on a hacked Wii?

Just play it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If that doesn't work then try tips on unhacking it.

Will Wii rock band drums work with PS2?

No, it does not have the right connections.

Does the instruments for Wii rock band 2 work with Wii rock band?

yes they do

Will PlayStation 2 instruments work on Wii Rock Band?

Yes they do. i know from personal experience. i got rock band 2 for Christmas, then i wanted to get rock band 2, so i got just the game. and guess what! the rock band instruments worked! Now that Rock Band 3 is out do the Rock Band 2 drums work or do you need the ones with cymbols?

Will guitar hero drums work for rock band ps2?

Assuming that your Guitar Hero guitar is a PlayStation 2 version and not Xbox or Wii, then yes it is compatible with Rock Band for PS2.

What comes with rock band bundle for Nintendo wii?

a guitar, microphone, and drums

Will the next guitar hero's drums and guitar be compatible with rock band on Wii?

No it will not.