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Just leave the building then come back in and he will be done. Just leave the building then come back in and he will be done.

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Q: How long does it take to get a fossil resurrected in Pokemon fire red?
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Where do you get a dome fossil in Pokemon platinum?

you have to dig for a long time in the walls in the underground and you will dig a dome fossil

How long does it take to extract a fossil in soul silver?

walk out and in again and ta-da! you have a Pokemon extracktid from a fossil

How long till a Pokemon fossil turns to a Pokemon in Pokemon platinum?

You have to take it into the Oreburgh Mining Museum, give it to the researcher, walk out the door and walk back in and he will give you Pokémon revived from the fossil.

How long does it take for the fossil to be ready in Pokemon sapphire version?

Actually not long at all simply give the fossil to the scientist leave the Devon corp go back inside and talk to him the fossil will be revived!

Fire red -What is the best Pokemon for Pokemon leuge?

any Pokemon as long as its trained well

Can a flying Pokemon and a fire Pokemon breed?

Yes, as long as they are the opposite genders.

How long does it take for a fossils to turn into a Pokemon in Pokemon LeafGreen?

Give the fossil to the guy, walk out, and immediately walk back in. It's instantaneous.

How long does it take Devon to make your fossil a Pokemon in ruby?

As soon as you give it leave the whole building go back inside talk to the guy who took the fossil to receive your very own Lileep(root fossil) or Anorith(claw fossil).

Pokemon how long does it take to resurrect fossils?

In the Pokémon games, resurrecting fossils typically requires taking them to a research facility where they can be regenerated into living Pokémon. The process is usually instantaneous in the games, with the player receiving the resurrected Pokémon immediately after handing over the fossil.

When does the mining museum man start extracting Pokemon?

any time so long u have a fossil to give him

Who is stronger in the long run aerodactyl or omanyte Pokemon fire red?


When is it that you can first revive the skull fossil in Pokemon diamond?

If you go to Oreburgh City, in the fossil museum, the guy on the right hand side of the counter will revive any fossil. Give it to him, walk outside, come right back in, he'll say you took a long time and then he'll give you your Pokemon if you have a spot open in your party.