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Q: Who is stronger in the long run aerodactyl or omanyte Pokemon fire red?
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Omanyte evolve Pokemon FireRed?

omanyte evolves into omastar at lv:40 Pokemon fire red omanyte evolves into omastar at lv:40 Pokemon fire red

Aerodactyl in Pokemon FireRed?

Aerodactyl can only Mega Evolve into Mega Aerodactyl. Permanently, Aerodactyl cannot evolve any further.

What pokemon is in the dome fossil in pokemon fire red?

Kabuto is in the dome fossil and Omanyte is in the helix fossil.

Can you get omanyte or kabuto in Pokemon emerald without trading from fire red or leaf green?

no you cant

What is an omanyte?

If i know what you're talking about it is a Pokemon you can resurrect from its fossil in fire red and leaf green..

When does Omanyte evolve in Pokemon Fire Red?

i pretty sure it evolves on lvl 30 or 40 into omastar

Who can learn the move fire fang in Pokemon platinum?

Aerodactyl can, see the related link below for a full list.

At what level does aerodactyl learn ancientpower in Pokemon fire red?

It learns Ancientpower at level 29

Where can you find good Pokemon for the elite four in Pokemon fire red?

There are good Pokemon like electabuzz and aerodactyl zapdos articuno dragonite and you have to evolve your starter Pokemon to the third evolve

Is this a good leafgreen Pokemon party -Venusaur -Aerodactyl -Raichu -Starmie -Rhydon -Butterfree my Aerodactyl knows Fire Blast and Flamethrower so he serves as my fire pokemon?

It's pretty good, but you should really get Fire Type Pokemon, because they will have the same type attack bonus, so they will do +50% damage with Fire Attacks. Also, You should try removing Rhydon and trying Diglett (it's much faster than Rhydon). Remove Butterfree too and Get Psychic or Ghost Pokemon. They will be valuable when you go into the Pokemon League.

How do you get the old amber checked i Pokemon fire red version if a scientist turd it in to a Pokemon?

you go to Cinnabar city and go to the weird building you check it out by turning it into Aerodactyl

Where do you find the Pokemon Omanyte in Pokemon Fire Red Version?

You can find Omanyte in Mt. Moon By a guy in a cave who is greedy and says "Theese fossils are mine" and you battle a hardish Battle unless your lvl 15-100 poison types and a magnetmite are on his side you can pick either Kabuto or Omanyte but you can't restore it until you go to Cinnabar Island..... I hope I helped! -Midnight the eevee