How far can a nuke go?

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Even if you are glitching and out of the map you will still die. The nuke is set to kill everyone in that whole match no matter where they may be. That is why the match is instantly ended once a nuke is called.

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Q: How far can a nuke go?
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How far can a nuke spread?

A tactical Nuke ends the game and kills everyone

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Where does the nuke in modern warfare go off?

The tactical nuke explodes in a different location on every map, but it is always outside of the playable map.

How can you use the nuke in turok evolution ps2?

play 8th level and at the very end you should be able to climb a big tower and the nuke should be on it. after that just go to rocket launcher and press L2 until its on nuke.

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itis an extended nuke

Will you die from a nuke?

NOTHING can survive a nuke.

What is the diffrece from a nuke and a bomb?

its te biggest nuke an thats the thing the nuke hit japan

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Ive survived 3 nukes so far but I think it was patched the first was to use a predator missle right as it explodes or use tac insertion and kill urself when the nuke goes off

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if they nuke us nuke them

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