How far can a nuke spread?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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A tactical Nuke ends the game and kills everyone

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Q: How far can a nuke spread?
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How far can a nuke go?

Even if you are glitching and out of the map you will still die. The nuke is set to kill everyone in that whole match no matter where they may be. That is why the match is instantly ended once a nuke is called.

Why don't we just nuke the middle east?

well radiation could spread to innocent countries around the world and allies of those countries nuked could nuke us back

What are fifteen terms for nuclear energy?

1. nuke your face 2. nuke people 3. nuke the city 4. nuke the world 5. nuke things 6. nuke your school 7. nuke bad guys 8. nuke your bad stuff 9. shoot the nuke 10. nuke the fire 11. nuke the moon 12. nuke your really boring things 13. nuke this website 14. nuke robbers 15. nuke the ground

What is a long nuke?

itis an extended nuke

Will you die from a nuke?

NOTHING can survive a nuke.

What is the diffrece from a nuke and a bomb?

its te biggest nuke an thats the thing the nuke hit japan

Can you avoid a nuke in MW2?

Ive survived 3 nukes so far but I think it was patched the first was to use a predator missle right as it explodes or use tac insertion and kill urself when the nuke goes off

How far has chitianity spread?

In the 2000 years, Christianity has spread far and wide, it is in all countries today, roughly.

How do you nuke on platform racing2 chat?

You can't nuke anymore.

How do you get a nuke on black ops?

you can't get a nuke in black ops

When was Dad's Nuke created?

Dad's Nuke was created in 1986.

Is nuke a scientific word?

Nuke is a slang term for nuclear.