How do you get a nuke in mw 2?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Get a 25 kill Streak

And change your kill streak settings so it will give you a nuke on the 25th kill and unlock it

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Q: How do you get a nuke in mw 2?
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What are the killstreaks rewards for call of duty modern warfare reflex for wii?

3 kill- uav 5 kill- airstrike 7 kill- hellicopter 25 kill- tactical nuke Comments: Bobby9422: i got a nuke before, its awesome. nannymom: i never got a nuke. Coolcatmooma77: i got 3 nukes all together!!!!! idkman977778988: i got 1 nuke. mw 1 sukks but mw reflex powns for nukes

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How do you get a nuke on the Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2?

Wrong game to get a nuke on

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Is there going to be a nuke scorestreak in black ops 2?

Yes, there will be a NUKE killstreak for XBOX ONLY

What is the population of Nuke?

Is this what your looking for? The nuke on modern warfare 2 kills everyone alive and ends the game.

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What are the cheat codes for Monder Warefare 2?

kill yourself when on a 24 kill streak and you willl get a nuke(if you have the nuke killstreak on)

How to always have a nuke on modern warfare 2?

well that just depends on how good you are, but i think if you can get a nuke every game you are amazing!

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