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u gotta buy some from the market place on sludge street

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Q: How does your monster get face painting on Moshi Monsters?
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How do you get the karate suit on Moshi Monsters?

You can get the Karate Uniform at Katsuma Klothes. When you put the uniform on, you should click "move behind your monster" so it does not block your monster's face.

Where is The Moshi Forum in Moshi Monsters?

There is a link to the Forum at the top of every web page on Moshi Monsters. Click on the smiley face or the words 'Forum!' next to the smiley face and you will be taken to the Moshi Monsters forums. You will need to be signed in to Moshi Monsters before you can access the forums.

What do you use for a face in Super Moshi Mission 10 on Moshi Monsters?

You grab the pen and then draw the face on!

Where do you get the face for mission 10 on moshi monsters?

Use the pen to draw a face on the box.

How do you get the happy face for your wall with a code on moshi monsters?

you buy it in a store

What does it mean when your monster's nose runs on Moshi Monsters?

This means that your monster has been fed too much. Give your monster some time and don't feed it for a while. You'll see that it has a grossed out face, so feed it when the face gets back to normal. Don't feed it too much though, or the same thing will happen again.

How do you give food to your monster in moshi monsters?

you have to go to the gross-ery store and then buy something then go back to your house and click on the icon underneath the map which looks like a treasure chest and then drag the food towards the monsters face and let go

What is used for the face for the robot on moshi monsters?

If you are on the new mission, drag everything to the box and the pen is used for the face.

Where can you post stuff up?

Face book moshi monsters club penguin twitter

Can you tribute summon a monster face down?

Yes, monsters may be 'tribute set'.

Where do you see the mood and meaning for your moshi monster?

You will find the mood of your monster displayed in the bar of the left the screen. A face will represent whether your monster is happy, sad etc.

Are face-down monsters considered monsters?

Face-down monsters are indeed monsters for the purposes of cards which count monsters on the field or affect all monsters.However, if a card effect specifies a monster with a specific type, attribute, ATK, etc., it will ignore face-down monsters because those values are unknown in game terms.Note: monsters used as Equip cards are not considered monsters.