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You will find the mood of your monster displayed in the bar of the left the screen. A face will represent whether your monster is happy, sad etc.

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Q: Where do you see the mood and meaning for your moshi monster?
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Why can't you see your clothes on your monster on Moshi Monsters?

Only other people can see clothes on your Moshi Monster in your room. You can see your clothes on your Moshi Monster at the Dressing Room, where you can dress your monster any way you like. You don't need to.

Does anyone have a Moshi Monster account level 28 or higher?

There are lots of Moshi Monster members who have an account of level 28 or higher. To find out the level of a monster, when you are out walking around Monstro City and see a monster, just hold your mouse over the monster and a sign will pop up with their name, mood, owner's age, owner's country, and their level.

What is the letter list in the top right corner on moshi monsters?

The top right corner where it says "BFF News" is where you can look to see any recent activity of your best friends on Moshi Monsters. The tab with the faces on it is where you can choose the mood of your Moshi Monster.

How do you know if your moshi monster is a boy or a girl?

Unfortunately, you are unable to see if your monster is a boy or girl. You are able to choose if your monster is a boy or a girl when you sign up for Moshi Monsters.

How do you acctivate your moshi monster membership card?

You can enter the code from this card into the box on the Moshi Monster Timecard page. See the related links on this page for a link.

Where must you go to get a moshi monster password?

When you adopt a monster you are asked to choose a password. If you have forgotten this then on the sign in page for Moshi Monsters you will see a forgotten password link.

Where can you get Moshi Monsters magazine from?

TESCO You can subscribe to the Moshi Monster Magazine on the Moshi Monsters web site. See Related Links for a link to the subscription.

Can you buy single super moshi monster cards?

You can...It's easy to have moshi monster cards... Just go to stratford,game then you see a packet what sais "moshi monsters" your particuallly lucky...good girl/boy...

How do you show people your favorites on moshi monsters?

From your room, above your monsters mood you will see the view profile button. Click this button to view your profile. From here you can choose an answer for each of the questions and other monster owners will see this when they click you in Monstro City.

The mest monster in moshi monster?

if you're talking about the 'best' person on moshi, I would say it is a person called silly. they are level 50 and monstar A. If you look them up you will see what I mean

How do you see your monster's profile on Moshi Monsters?

there's this little bar thing at the side and it says view profile if you click on that it will come up.When you are in your room, above the Mood icon, it says view profile.

How do you see what your monster's favorite food is on Moshi Monsters?

Take your monster shopping at the Gross-ery Store. When you buy their favorite food, your monster will be excited.