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Only other people can see clothes on your Moshi Monster in your room. You can see your clothes on your Moshi Monster at the Dressing Room, where you can dress your monster any way you like.

You don't need to.

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Q: Why can't you see your clothes on your monster on Moshi Monsters?
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When can you change your monster into a dialvlo on Moshi Monsters?

you cant you pinhead but you can adopt another moshi monster and pick diavlo

How do you talk to a monster that isn't your friend on moshi monsters?

You cant you have to add them first before you add them. add me, awsome8711 (on moshi monsters)

How do you call a doctor Moshi Monsters?

You cant get a doctor on Moshi Monsters but if your monster is ill you can buy loads of food at the food shop.Add me on moshi monsters my user name is thomk061

How do you get a new Moshi Monsters not moshling on Moshi Monsters?

well, unless you get a new account, you cant adopt another monster on that account. therefore, when you are adopting a monster make sure you get the one youll want to keep.

Why does Moshi Monsters have a virus?

Moshi Monsters cant get a viruses. They just get ill if you dont look after it. Try going on a feeding it and making it happy if you dont want to make your monster hate you...Add me! I have too monsters, pinkittykat0123 and queenkittykatfox!

How do you you play with your moshlings on moshi monsters?

you cant but you can tickle your monster at home by holding down the mouse and dragging it around its belly

How do you get a 2nd moshi on Moshi Monsters?

u cant

How can you cancel moshi monsters?

You cant

How do you get your moshling if you are not there moshi monsters?

you cant

Can Moshi Monsters have a baby?

no it cant

How do you get luckies4 on moshi monsters?

You cant get her

How can you fly on moshi monsters?

you cant